Secret Madeira wants clients to enjoy and see Madeira with comfort. Our tours and walks are done in comfortable 8 and 16 seater Minibuses. All our guides are professional and speak various languages (English, German, Dutch, French, and Spanish). We also offer the best and exclusive private tailor made tours for all group sizes and other languages (at request).


• Prices include pick up from all hotels in Funchal

• Hotels outside of Funchal have an additional cost

• Duration of full day tours 8 hours / Duration of half day tours 4 hours

• Payments in cash to the guide, on the day or 20% deposit

• Children (3 to 12 year old) pay 50%

• Prices do not include Lunch, Toboggan rides or Gardens.

• Insufficient number of clients and bad weather conditions can lead to cancellation, postponing or changing of the tour.

• Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours before.

• Pick up in front of the cruiseline harbour an additional 20€ cost (port fees)


Price: 35€

Included: wine tasting and cable car

Not included: lunch or snacks

Recommendations: jackets, comfortable shoes, swimwear.

Code: IT010


This angelic tour takes you through the forgotten villages of the central south surrounded by the majestic mountains. Our first stop is at the serra ´d agua view point, driving through the unimaginable terraces, surrounded by cherry trees paradise when in flower. Short stop at the São Cristovo viewpoint and finally our Socorridos viewpoint. The tour continues along the old roads unto the cable car which will take us down to the hidden cultivated paths by the sea where access is only by boat or cable car. Short walk is included through these fields where everything unthinkable grows. Guests will stop for lunch or light snack and when weather conditions permit swimming is possible.







(for private or groups any other day)

Price: €32 without lunch p.p / 45€ with lunch p.p

Included: Entrance to the Cristiano Ronaldo Museum

Recommendations: Please bring good footwear, warm jackets.

Code: IT011


This excursion takes you through the beautiful nuns valley arieiro peak route where one can stop at the opulent viewpoint where the valley meets up with the mountains, drive through countryside surrounded by exquisite landscape. Stop at the trout farm in Santo da Serra unknown to many, short walk along the trout farm and the famous “Laurissilva” Laurel Forest where herbal tea and local cakes are served at the tea house (not included in the price). Lunch at village. The tour continues along the old road to Terreiro da Luta view point then  takes you along the history of the most famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo with a stop at the museum.


Return to Hotel




(for private or groups on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)



Price: 85€ with lunch p.p

Code: IT012


Includes: Special Lunch, Bananas from the farm, traditional home made liqueur, Other fruits from the fruit farm, typical requeijão cheese, Maderian made honey.


Recommendations: Please bring good footwear and warm jackets.


During this excursion, you will be visiting, a banana farm in Funchal, taking the old road to another interesting local family vegetable and fruit farm, a cattle farm that provides most of its milk for the making of our famous “requeijão” cheese, and see the old milking techniques. Stop for lunch in a typical restaurant in the sugar cane region and visit the only rum factory in Europe that operates with steam.  After lunch a drive through countryside and a last stop at the cheese “requeijão” factory.


Return to Hotel


Price per person

Code: IT001


Regarded as Madeira’s perfect puzzle, where every piece fits, known as the window to perfection. From your hotel, we make our way to Camara de Lobos where beautiful landscapes were painted by Sr. Winston Churchill in the 1950. Driving along the old narrow roads of Estreito de Camara de Lobos, where the vines were first introduced and still exist today, Cabo Girão the highest sea cliff in Europe Madeiras pride and the second highest in world, descending to Ribeira Brava to visit old monuments including the church, continuing our drive leaving the southern villages, through to Paul da Serra Madeira´s popular flat plateau at 1500m above sea level. Embracing the beautiful laurel forest views (great highlight of Madeira) through Madeira´s little green Scotland. Arriving at Porto Moniz (natural volcanic pools) where swimming can be enjoyed. The tour continues along the North coast where waterfalls are visible. Drive through the village of São Vicente where nature will escort you up to the Encumeada pass, where the North meets the South at 1007meters, then return to the Hotel.



Price per person

Code: IT002


Come and live Madeiras history. Starting from the reception on your hotel we make our way to Camacha the wickerwork factory passing the Eucalyptus and Mimosa forests unto the breathtaking mountains of Pico do Arieiro at 1800m above sea level descending to Ribeiro Frio where you will find the trout hatchery and the Santana UNESCO BIOSPHERE RESERVE. Taking the old road of Faial, Santana will be the next stop where you will find the traditional thatched houses and vines. Along the North coast sugar cane terraces are still visible. We then leave the North unto the Southeast coast the old capital of Madeira Machico where the first Portuguese settlers arrived in the 15 century. The next stop is at Ponta de São Lourenço the eastern point cape of the Island where the rock formation will astound you, we then return to hotel.



Price per person

Code: IT003


Embrace the magical North. From your hotel we make our way to Machico viewpoint with spectacular views of the bay. Drive along Porto da Cruz Madeira´s most popular sugarcane village, Faial and Santana unto the fine vines of Madeira in São Jorge where we can admire exuberant views of the North coast and stop for lunch or snacks (not included in the price) when weather permits swimming is possible therefore bring your swim wear along. Beautiful drive along the coast, Arco de São Jorge, Boaventura, Ponta Delgada the North point of the island unto São Vicente which includes a visit to the famous geological caves of Madeira. Return to hotel


Price per person

Code: IT004


One of Madeira´s pleasures coasts where the panoramic views and sunshine speak for itself. From Funchal into the sunny point of the island Ponta do Sol, this is where the sun never sleeps, Madalena do Mar with its amazing banana plantation, Jardim do Mar and Paul do Mar once baptized as the little Hawai in Europe because of its wave attraction. The journey continues through Calheta with its artificial sandy beach, a visit to the sugar cane factory and return along the coast.


Price per person

Code: IT005


Hidden in the central heart of Madeira you will find the Nuns Valley compared to a volcanic crater surrounded by lava rock a match made in heaven. Leaving Funchal to the Eira do Serrado where the chestnut trees and eucalyptus form perfect harmony. At 1091m above sea level, (if weather permits) you will be able to see the Nuns Valley below, surrounded by gobsmacking views. Before returning to Funchal a stop will be made at Camara de Lobos fishing village dock, the fisherman chapel and Sr. Winston Churchill view point.




Price per person



INCLUDED: TOBOGGAN:35 € p/person (minimum 2 persons)

Children from Ages 8-11  25€ p/child



Code: IT006



IIsolated from the rest of the island, lies the Nuns Valley, a caldron surrounded by lava rock a perfect contrast. Leaving Funchal to Pico dos Barcelos one of Madeiras unique viewpoints. We then make our way up to Eira do Serrado where the chestnut trees and eucalyptus are seen at every angle. At 1094m above sea level, (if weather permits) you will be able to see the view to the Nuns Valley. Lost stop is at Monte one of Madeira´s old touristic stops with a visit to the church, for those who want a little adventure, you can try the toboggan rides.


Price per person

Code: IT007


Where do locals go on Sunday? Santo da Serra Market, this is where all our local fruits and vegetables are sold, it’s a local environment with restaurants and bars where traditional gastronomy and drinks like poncha and cidra are served. Here you will also have the opportunity to visit the garden (for no extra cost), make a stop at the Portela (door) pass and return through Santa Cruz. (This is a must)


We invite you to learn more about our traditions, gastronomy and entertainment through our typical evening where you can relax at the sound of our fado and then dance together with the folklore dancers. A three course meal is served which includes our typical meat on a skewer (espetada) and traditional bread with garlic butter, dessert and drinks included.



Price per person

Code: IT008



Price per person (Minimum 2)

Code: IT009




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